INJUSTICE FOR ALL was directed by Danny Mooney and written by Donavan Darius.  It’s a very dark story surrounding The Joker and HarleenQuinzel.

Lex Luthor (Donavan Darius) goes to the Arkham Asylum to tell HarleenQuinzel (Erika Hoveland) that The Joker is dead.  Harleen who is restrained with heavy duty chains and muzzled laughs responding to Luthor that you can’t kill The Joker.  She goes on to tell Luxor the story of her and The Joker which includes some vicious and sadistic scenes.

Not only did Donavan Darius write INJUSTICE FOR ALL, he also played the role of Lex Luthor and had the stern and authoritative skills that was perfect for him in that role.

In the twenty minutes of the film, the writing, directing, production quality, editing, sound/music, and acting were able to pull off a very dark, dramatic, horrifying, and comical film from start to finish.    INJUSTICE FOR ALL is a White Hands Production and can be watched on YouTube, it’s absolutely worth checking out and hopefully more films to come from White Hands Production.

~ Keith Makenas ~ B Movie Nation

Donavan Darius as Lex Luthor – whose performance I immediately liked better than Dawn of Justice‘s version of the character.

~ Curt Oglesbee ~ Horror Geek Life

"Donavan Darius’s Lex Luthor is a breath of fresh air. I’m not a fan of what the DC Extended Universe has done with one my favorite villains—and one of the most famous and imposing villains in the legendary publisher’s rich history. Though you can say that Jesse Eisenberg was technically playing Lex Luthor Jr., I was still thoroughly disappointed with that character’s introduction and incarnation. Darius knows Luthor well and his interpretation gels with the notion that a human can be a threat to the Man of Steel. Darius’s performance is definitely my Lex Luthor."

~ Steve Lam ~ Bam! Smack! Pow!

Also, shining are Donavan Darius and Jamie Bernadette as Lex Luthor and Catwoman.  They take these established characters, making them theirs while keeping their spirits alive.

~ Emilie Black ~ Cinema Crazed