Donavan Darius is a graduate of Michigan State University. After studying at several acting schools in the Midwest, Darius went on to study Shakespeare, contemporary theater, and screen acting at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in the United Kingdom.

Darius is a versatile actor, with an extremely unique background, who can be seen playing everything from a clean-cut police officer in Paul Schrader's Dog Eat Dog (2016), a medieval knight in the fantasy short The Runelords (2014), to a psychotic murderer.

In 2015 Darius founded the science fiction and fantasy film production company White Hand Films.

As a writer, Darius has twice been awarded "Honorable Mention" in the world-renowned International Writers of the Future contest.

About Donavan

"We are the dreamers of dreams" ~ Willy Wonka

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